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Asset Management Solutions (AMS) is the leading technology platform in the marketplace. Its fully integrated software and services platform enable manufacturing companies to view and manage all issues and production asset inventory with real-time data analytics.  Additionally, AMS involves managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of equipment within a facility to handle the demand of production with zero down- time and loss of work.


  • Scheduling and planning on an integrated platform
  • Transparency of the entire process online or offline
  • Proactive notifications and management
  • Real time update on task progress, issues and status
  • Complete equipment inspections
  • Track assets within your facility
  • Uncover and assign maintenance actions
  • Set up reminders for the required tasks, audits and inspections

Features & benefits

The Asset Dashboard

With full customization, see your assets at a glance as soon as you log in with the safety dashboard - your window into what’s going on across your Asset system. Customize your dashboard to show upcoming or overdue asset events, recent results or other data that matters most to you all which can be filtered by category, location or other custom fields.

Reporting & Trending

Produce instant asset, compliance reports and improve budgeting, planning and financial preparation using simple search and print functionality or slice and dice your data to discover trends.

Proactive and Preventative Action

Assign and track corrective actions with quick and easy scheduling and notifications. When you discover a deficiency during an inspection or audit, simply schedule, assign and prioritize the activities. You can also add specific notes and instructions.


AMS provides you with built in barcode scanners giving you the privilege to access information anywhere, anytime without and additional hardware.

Annual ROI when using AMS in your facility

  • Fines for failing monthly inspections of equipment
  • Costs related to a shutdown of production processes due to asset failure
  • Forced shutdown from government inspectors that find your operation in non-compliance
  • Inadequate response to asset failure that has consequences for your product supply.


  • Protect your products and brand reputation by proactively managing any issues
  • Implement a seamless solution for both workers and management to be more effective and safer by configuring AMS to fit your unique needs today, and as your needs change
  • AMS 2.0 is the powerful software force focused on bringing the industry together with zero loss time
  • Improves your ability to recover from disaster
  • AMS works at your speed, delivering high quality performance when are where you need it most
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