Appancea’s AMS provides government offices in both the private and public sectors a cutting-edge, customizable solution that is vital to make important asset tracking tasks seamless rather than a struggle. With our years of experience working with governments across the globe to boost productivity, we understand and know what they need to increase efficiency and transparency and at the same time reduce expenses all within a reasonable budget.

Based on our years which have been spent assisting governments we know the biggest concern for any government is overspending. We understand that government workers are under scrutiny not to overspend and having the right asset management software at your disposal is the most valuable tool to assure this does not happen.


  • Target Your Investments: We provide your offices with the ability to quickly determine which assets to invest in and achieve targeted improvements through our real time data analytics.
  • Efficient Workflow Management: Create effective work order assignments, information on equipment availability and asset maintenance history.
  • Advanced Analytics: Quickly access and analyze information concerning your staff, schedules, training, assets and work orders to make more informed decisions on how to effectively use available resources.
  • Automated Inventory: Schedule preventative maintenance and inspections as well as track costs by activity or type.

Features & benefits

Mobile access

By providing government workers the ability to stay connected to the office when they are away from their desks ensures that asset tracking doesn’t comes to a halt which increases productivity.


Unlimited custom actions and reports allows your office to track information about an asset that specifically meets your exact needs. This includes marking different types of information with different levels of security settings for access.


Our integrated and automated auditing software allows your office to stay transparent with ease.


We provide maximum security to any government office no matter which level of security they have.

Benefits of our goverment services

  • Robust reporting capabilities to satisfy audits, inspections and reconciliations
  • Comprehensive asset management to ensure reliability, safety and accountability
  • Built in barcode features
  • Integrations with RFID technologies
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