Health Care Sector

When it comes to asset tracking and management, the healthcare industry faces unique challenges. Retirement homes, long-term care homes, doctor’s offices and community care have a staggering amount of devices, equipment, and other medical assets to track and manage. For every physician, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, technician or personal support worker, there is a mountain of equipment and devices to help them deliver the best in patient care.

Appancea’s Asset Management System is ideal for healthcare asset tracking, working the way your team works to ensure they have the information they need about your assets immediately. Through the integration of disparate data sources, including the asset management system, Appancea provides a comprehensive view of your asset inventory, including utilization of data for both owned and rented equipment, thereby enabling smarter procurement decisions and improving your operating margin


  • Easy to use mobile application, even in complex, multi-location operations
  • Customer-proven scalability and reliability
  • Availability in the cloud or on-premises
  • Leverages leading fail-over and availability mechanisms
  • Used successfully in the private home health care industry

Asset Management: Real time tracking to make decisions on the go

  • Find equipment and devices quickly and easily to improve asset utilization rate
  • Manage inventory levels through live tracking – minimizes misplaced, lost or stolen devices
  • Increase equipment availability by improving maintenance and repair turnaround times
  • Right size equipment inventory and eliminate stock outs
  • Electronic management of maintenance history – lowering costs and risk of equipment failure

Integrated Risk Management and Incident Tracking

  • Practical strategies and resources to track and manage incidents effectively
  • Real time data analytics to inform decision making
  • Tailor report capabilities to share as needed

Human Resources Tracking for Safety

  • Support dynamic communities of care with robust human services tracking solutions
  • Know exact location of staff in the community – whether travelling en route, at patient’s home or elsewhere – thereby increasing safety and security for staff
  • Tailor report capabilities to share as needed
  • Ensure staff safety when they arrive to planned destination

Gain Insights with Reporting and Data Analysis

  • Produce reports to see equipment trends and asset utilization
  • One-stop shop for compliance history
  • Use dashboards to stay on top of maintenance trends and be able to quickly adjust processes and adapt to patient needs

Benefits of Appancea

  • Improve patient outcome and experience by giving staff the information they need to make more informed diagnoses and decisions
  • Enhance providers’ ability to streamline operations and focus on the delivery of care
  • Effective management of assets and inventor

Our best-in-class digital software offers real time date analytics to inform decisions to improve patient safety as well as effectively streamlines operations to build capacity for more direct care.

To learn more about Asset Management System, Contact us at: 647-409-8184.

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